Personal Growth

What is a goal? A dream with a deadline! Once you’ve determined those goals, knowing your wants, we can map the plan to achieve it, monitoring benchmarks along the way. To reach your destination, the journey is crucial! It’s not only about investing the right amount in the right vehicle, but about systematic disciplined contributions to your future.


You’ve invested a great deal into making your business successful. What happens to your business should something happen to you? The right plan can protect you.

As a business owner, have you ever wondered how to:

  • unlock your corporation’s wealth for personal use?
  • build and protect wealth and future personal income?
  • tax-effectively get the value of the assets or excess cash flow out of the business?
  • strategically diversify business assets and take advantage of business enhancement opportunities?
  • fund your shareholders’ agreement?
  • cover overhead expenses or outstanding business loans should you be unable to work?
  • ensure business continuity and protect key employees?

Estate Planning

Having worked hard to create wealth, the next step is to transition as much as possible to children and grandchildren. While often neglected, estate planning is an essential part of your wealth strategy increasing in importance as you age. When implemented early enough, a thorough estate plan can reduce future tax returns. Not only will quality of life be improved upon retirement, but the plan can provide stability and security you hope to offer future generations. Plans can be structured for individuals and business owners, setting and achieving retirement and succession goals, while focusing on minimising the impact of tax.

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Everything you need to keep your estate information up to date including:

Estate Directory 

What if something happens to you? Will your spouse and children find every important document easily? Examples: wills, powers of attorney, bank accounts, life insurance, etc. 

Estate Planning Checklist 

Organize your estate efficiently and eliminate taxes with this valuable checklist 

Executor Duties Checklist

Does your executor know what to do? Keep this document with your wills. 

Business Owners Planning Guide 

This important document will help you develop a contingency plan to ensure continuity (and value) in your business.