Mortgage Life Insurance from a Bank?

Why not own your policy?

Not all Mortgage Insurance is created equal.  The pitfalls of buying mortgage insurance from your bank, mortgage broker or lender are so serious the CBC did a special advisory on why you should NEVER buy your mortgage insurance – life, disability or critical illness – from your lender.


Mortgage Insurance is really just a marketing term to help consumers connect with Life & Health Insurance.  When you buy from a lender you are usually buying into a group policy owned by the lender it’s not your policy and in most cases your insurance dollars are not buying the best possible solution.  For the same money or less we will find you more coverage at a better price.

Let us survey the entire life & health insurance market and find you the best deal.

You do NOT have to accept your banks insurance offer, but if you have it already you can easily compare it with an individual policy – this is a smart move for many reasons we’d be happy to discuss with you.

There are many benefits of owning your life insurance, Critical Illness, and Disability policies.

We promise to make it as easy as possible every step of the way.

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