Amco Financial is a service company that provides administrative services for fully insured and self-insured health benefit plans which include Drugs, Extended Health, Dental, Vision Care, Disability, Critical Illness and other insurance benefits for individuals, families and employer groups.

Recognizing that everyone has different needs, we’ve created flexible healthcare plans that deliver practical, needs- related coverage.

  • We offer many choices of flexible insurance products designed to meet the needs of Canadians.
  • We lower benefit cost without reducing coverage.
  • We deliver benefit solutions that provide health protection and the freedom of choice in coverage.

Amco Financial provides services that include all benefit management programs. Together with our service providers’, we offer benefits management services that include:

  • A full Range of Managed Healthcare Services
  • Patient Healthcare Management Services
  • Providers Network Services
  • Customized Administrative Services
  • Flexible Plan Design – Health Spending Accounts/ Cost Plus Plans
  • Detailed Data Management Reports
  • Extensive Stop-Loss Administration Services
  • Out – Of – Canada Emergency Medical Coverage Administration Services